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Tên: 450DR-2222-0100 - Vibration Sensor

Model: 450DR-2222-0100

Nhà sản xuất: Metrix

Đại lý phân phối: Song Thành Công


[caption id="attachment_6494" align="alignnone" width="400"]450DR-2222-0100 - Vibration Sensor – Metrix 450DR-2222-0100 - Vibration Sensor – Metrix[/caption]


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  • The electronic switch utilizes a solid state crystal accelerometer which provides an electrical output when it is deformed by the vibration forces.
  • The output is electronically converted to a signal proportional to velocity.
  • This signal is compared with a preset limit and triggers a solid state relay if the limit is exceeded.
  • There are no moving parts in the 440 vibration switches except when configured with mechanical relays.
  • An important feature of the switch is the built-in time delay.
  • This prevents triggering of the alarm or shutdown functions from transient increases in vibration levels.
  • It also avoids shutdown due to transitory vibrations occurring during start-up.
  • Almost all machines experience a few seconds of high vibration during start-up before reaching operating speed.
  • When no time delay function is included, as with mechanical switches, this start-up vibration causes a trip.
  • Frequently, the operator turns the trip setting up until he can get through start-up.
  • The resultant trip level is too high to afford protection at the machine’s operating speed.
  • Three-second alarm trip delay is standard on the switch.
  • Alarm time delays are independently adjustable in the field over a range of 2 to 15 seconds.

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450DR-2222-0100 Vibration Sensor
Electronic Switch
Dual Trip/Analog Signal Output
Analog Signal Output - 4-20 mA, absolute
Scale - 3 to 40 mm/sec
Shutdown and Alarm Circuit - 170 mA, 250 V, SPST
 Enclosure - Standard, CSA, Class I, Div 2, Grps B-D* (440)
Input Power - 230 VAC 50/60
Lockout Function - None
Transducer - Internal transducer


P/N: CI1035V2
Type: Valve type conductivity cell(Sensor)
Range: 0~2000uS/cm

PCB Piezotronics

Code: 070A02
Scope input adaptor (10-32 jack to BNC plug)

PCB Piezotronics

Code: 356A32
Triaxial, mini (5 gm) high sensitivity, ICP® accel., 100 mV/g, 1 Hz to 4k Hz, titanium hsg, 10 ft mating cable supplied

PCB Piezotronics

Code: 034K20
4-conductor, low noise, shielded FEP cable,20-ft, mini 4-socket plug to (3) BNC plugs (labeled X, Y, Z)

PCE Instrument

Code: PCE-S 41 Sensor
Electronic Stethoscope PCE-S 41


Model: Accura 2300
Digital power meter

Roscid Technologies

Code: RO-S02PMR
Oxygen sensor
A 15" * 15" panel mounted with an O2 transmitter with multi PPM range adjustable ranges with micro fuel cell and Hart Protocol. The system also includes flow meter, two on/off valves, needling valve, and assorted hardware. 4 end-user selectable ppm ranges (0-10, 0-100,0-1000,0-10000). 1m power cable, 24Vdc, 4-20mA loop powered


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