CDV75M-00002 – Encoder – TR-Electronic – Song Thành Công


Tên: CDV75M-00002 – Encoder

Model: CDV75M-00002

Nhà sản xuất: TR Electronic

Đại lý phân phối: Song Thành Công


[caption id="attachment_6467" align="alignnone" width="400"]CDV75M-00002 – Encoder – TR-Electronic CDV75M-00002 – Encoder – TR-Electronic[/caption]


Thông tin sản phẩm:

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_ crane technology

 _ event and stage technology

_ drive technology

_ conveying systems and logistics

_ machinery and plant engineering

_ automation technology

_wind energy plant

Cranes with overlapping work areas or with obstacles within the working area

Through measurement of rope positions and rotation angles, collisions can be avoided.

Numerous travelling cranes on a common track – through safe measurement of each position, collision can be avoided.

Common work areas of men and machines

– Through safe position detection in the various areas of safety, safe work areas can be differentiated from each other. Processes with minimal or maximum speed

– Through safe speed sensing, it is assured that the drive never oversteps a maximum speed or that it safely achieves a required speed before starting a process. Synchronous run monitoring1

– An unsafe electrical axial synchronization can be made safe by using a certified SIL 3 / PLe rotary encoder with an externally attached safety system.


Các  model sản phẩm khác:


Bently Nevada

Model: 330525-CN
Velomitor XA Piezo-velocity Sensor

Bently Nevada

Model: 3500/22-01-01-00
Transient Data Interface

Bently Nevada

Model: 330525-CN
Velomitor XA Piezo-velocity Sensor

Bently Nevada

Model: 3500/22-01-01-00
Transient Data Interface

Bomoni / OEM Forsta Filters

Order code : 12-2"-EBV-24VAC-BN-ASSEMBLY
 Description : 2" Electric Actuated Ball Valve 4.5 Second Open/Close
24 VAC
( FIG 720LL - DN50-2 + VB060 LT-85L0CP06)


Model: E2xB05DC024BN2A1B/R
Xenon Strobe 5 Joule


Model: SONF1AC24MA1A1R
Alarm Horn Sounder


Model: E2xS1FDC024BN2A1B
Alarm Sounder/Horn


Itemcode: B1C3V0-S
 Electric actuator AB1C3130-S 230V/50-60Hz - 60s/90° - 5 Nm - Pot. 1000 Ohm - Auto/Man - HC 85011010 - Origin
Attuatore elettrico AB1C3130-S 230V/50-60Hz
60s/90° - 5 Nm - potenziometro 1 kOhm - Auto/Man


Model: CR3A01ANA
S/S Clean Room Sensor - Temperature, Humidity & Low Pressure, Integrated Front Plate Mounted Sensors, +/-250 Pa or +/-25 mmWC, Analog (3 x)


Type: 09182=A=1000
Replacement Oxygen electrode (ppb), without probe body


Type: 08362=A=2000
Description: pH Electrode for 8362 Ultrapure Water Sensor


Type: 09185=A=3500
Description: Premounted Membranes


Type: 6788305
Description: Maintenance Kit


Type: 09184=A=3500
Description: Membranes, premounted


Type: 09240=A=8000
Description: spare part kit for 9245-9240 sodium analyzer


Type: LXV432.99.00001
Description: Total Free Chlorine Amperometric Sensor


Type: 09181=A=3600
Description: Bottle of electrolyte gel for oxygen meter



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