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Tên: CPF81D-7LH21 – Đầu đo PH – E+H

Model: CPF81D-7LH21

Nhà sản xuất: E+H

Đại lý phân phối: Song Thành Công

[caption id="attachment_7527" align="alignnone" width="300"]CPF81D-7LH21 – Đầu đo PH – E+H CPF81D-7LH21 – Đầu đo PH – E+H[/caption]


Thông tin sản phẩm:

Thông tin sản phẩm chi tiết tại đây


  • Suitable for flow and immersion installation
  • Long time stable: Second electrolyte bridge for better protection against electrode poisoning ions such as S2- or CN-
  • Robust polymer housing protects against mechanical damage
  • Optional flat membrane suitable for high flow rates and fibrous media
  • Maximum process safety through non-contact inductive signal transmission
  • Enables predictive maintenance due to storage of sensor and process-specific data
  • Reduced operating costs due to minimized process downtime and extended sensor lifetime

Các model sản phẩm khác:


Model: BWU2546
ASi-3 PROFIBUS Gateway in Stainless Steel, 2 masters
ASi-3 PROFIBUS Gateway in Stainless Steel, 2 ASi masters, 1 power supply for 2 ASi networks, diagnostic and configuration via Ethernet diagnostic interface, duplicate address recognition, ASi fault detector, programming in C optional


Model: BW1593
30 V Power Supply, 8 A
30 V Power Supply, 8 A, 115 V AC/230 V AC, power supply with range switch, IP20
Suitable for all 24 Volt ASi Gateways, ASi Gateways and Safety Monitors with specifications "1 power supply, 1 gateway for 2 ASi networks, inexpensive power supplies".


Code: O1D105
Description: Photoelectric distance sensor


Art. Nr. 7001269
Type: 932.333
Reliable, flexible and permanently backlash-free
Metal bellows coupling


Code: MDX61B0370-503-4-00
Description: p/n 8279675


Code: DHF41B/OMC41B-T0/UOH21B
Description: Controller: Performance class: advanced
8 binary inputs / outputs
SD memory card slot
Communication interfaces:
Profibus Sl. DP-V1, DeviceNet Sl.
2x Ethernet, 2x CAN, USB, 2x RS485
Memory card
 : OMC41B-T0, part no.
SD memory card 128MB for CCU operation


Code: MC07B0030-5A3-4-00
Description: Inverter : 08285225


Code: MDX61B0030-5A3-4-00
Description: p/n 8279594
nominal power 4,9 kVA,
net nominal current 6,3 A,
recommended engine power 3 kW



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