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Tên: IEF-SN-10 – Thiết bị đo lưu lượng

Model: IEF-SN-10

Nhà sản xuất: Dwyer

Đại lý phân phối: Song Thành Công


[caption id="attachment_7069" align="alignnone" width="400"]IEF-SN-10 – Thiết bị đo lưu lượng – Dwyer IEF-SN-10 – Thiết bị đo lưu lượng – Dwyer[/caption]

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Descriptions of Dwyer Instruments IEF-SN-10 provided by its distributors.

Insertion Electromagnetic flow transmitter; acc. 1% FS; 10' plenum rated cables

Các model sản phẩm khác:



Model: HR-100
Handheld Code Reader


Model: HR-100
Handheld Code Reader


Code: FT328I.X3/2N
Energetic diffuse sensor, Application Detection of dark objects at short range, V-optics, Operating range limit, white 90% 0.001 ... 0.13 m, 10-30VDC, NPN Light switching +NPN Dark switching, 2M cable, Teach button, -40 ... 60 °C, IP67


Code: IS 212MM/2NO-4N0
Cylindrical Inductive switch M12x1x52mm, operating range limit Sn: 4 mm, Switching frequency 1500 Hz, 10-30VDC, NPN NO (normally open), Non-Embedded, Chromium-plated brass housing, -25 ... 70 °C, IP67, 2M cable


Code: LE328/2N
Through Beam photoelectric sensor recieverM18 cylindrical One way principle,2xM18 mounting nuts,Switch frequency= 500Hz,Supply Voltage=10..30V DC, 2 Switching
outputs 1xNPNlight switching and 1xNPNdark Switching,2m cable, plastic lens,IP67,40.60DegC,S/S


Code: LS328/9D
Throughbeam photoelectric sensor transmitter,M18 Cylindrical,2x M18 nuts,op range 0..10m,op limit 0...15m,LED RED,10..30VDC,2m 4 wire cable, plastic lens,-40..60DegC,IP67, S/Steel,

Samyang Valve

Model: YAW-3F
Level Control Valve
DN 100
- Material :
 + Body GC200
+ Disc, seat NBR, CAC406
- Connection : KS 10K FF flange
- Fluid temperature: 5~80ºC
- Applicate Pressure: 10 Bar
- Solenoid Valve: AC220V, 50/60HZ

Showa Giken

Model: OCLF-50A
 Rotary Joint


Code: TMD62
Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire
HMD60T is obsoleted


Khớp nối thủy lực ALFA 70P K2N RNV7
D=90mm, P=unbore



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