Erhardt-leimer 00357934 Bộ điều khiển vị trí Erhardt-leimer Vietnam 

Tên:Erhardt-leimer 00357934 Erhardt-leimer Vietnam

Model: Erhardt-leimer 00357934

Nhà sản xuất :Erhardt-leimer Vietnam

Đại lý phân phối: Song Thành Công

[caption id="attachment_11001" align="alignnone" width="300"]Erhardt-leimer 00357934 Bộ điều khiển vị trí Erhardt-leimer Vietnam  Erhardt-leimer 00357934 Bộ điều khiển vị trí Erhardt-leimer Vietnam [/caption]

Thông tin sản phẩm :

MAIRS is the clean, dry air generator. It can supply the dry air that atmospheric pressure dew point
can be less than -70℃. Air cleanliness grade supports ISO8573-:2010. (JISB8392-1:2012【0:2:0】)
Electro-Sensor Vietnam Type: TT420S-LT
P/N: 800-001527
Temp. sensor  (1/2 in, 10 ft, R-Angle)
Erhardt-leimer Vietnam Material no.: 00357934
DC 2360
Dig. position contr. w.encl. 0-10V, 120W/-00357934
Erhardt-leimer Vietnam Material no.: 00329183
Proximity switch infrar. w. lens a.
plug-type: IRS-U-5LA S66-00329183

Erhardt-leimer Vietnam

Material no.: 00838217
actuating drive +-50 mm 3000 N-00838217 AG 9313
Erhardt-leimer Vietnam Material no.: 00505520
DO 3301 Touch display with
Fieldbus-00505520 -DO 3311
Erhardt-leimer Vietnam Material no.: 00510153
FR 6217 MB=480 LW=100 CAN-00510153
Erhardt-leimer Vietnam Material no.: 00517396
FR 5301 CAN FR 5301-00517396
Gefran Vietnam R-TC8 GILOGIK II UL
I/O Analogicals Modules

Gestra Vietnam

Item No: 3533054
level electrode
NRGS 16-1 G1" L 1500 mm
PN 40
power supply 115V/230V/50..60Hz
output signal: 4 potential-free contacts for
pump ON,  pump OFF


PHONE: 035 964 3939 (ZALO)


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