Kofloc MAIRS-NCP Máy tạo khí khô Kofloc Vietnam 

Tên:Kofloc MAIRS-NCP Kofloc Vietnam

Model: Kofloc MAIRS-NCP

Nhà sản xuất :Kofloc Vietnam

Đại lý phân phối: Song Thành Công

[caption id="attachment_10995" align="alignnone" width="300"]Kofloc MAIRS-NCP Máy tạo khí khô Kofloc Vietnam  Kofloc MAIRS-NCP Máy tạo khí khô Kofloc Vietnam [/caption]

Thông tin sản phẩm :

MAIRS is the clean, dry air generator. It can supply the dry air that atmospheric pressure dew point
can be less than -70℃. Air cleanliness grade supports ISO8573-:2010. (JISB8392-1:2012【0:2:0】)
ITOH DENKI Vietnam Model: CB-016(N/P)
Driver Card
- N; NPN or P; PNP signal
- (1) Power connector
- (1) Control connector


Model : MT4523T
Kofloc Vietnam Code: 8550MC-S1-1/4SWL-AIR-50SLM-1-1-20℃-CR
Mass flow controller
S1 means separated indicator
CR means neoprene o-ring option
IMO Vietnam Code: BX80A/1P-1A
Photo-Electric Area Sensor Through-Beam
Receiver,Cable 2m DC NO/NC PNP, Sn=2m, Rs. 6mm Aluminium Body
IMO Vietnam Code: ST86
Optical Switch Accessory Mounting Bracket Height Matching BX to AX To Match AX with BX

Infranor Vietnam

Code: MA100.006.210B.00
Type: MA-10
Kofloc Vietnam Code: MOZLS-0.3
Ozone gas generator MOZS

Kofloc Vietnam

Clean dry air generator

Kubler Vietnam

Code: 8.0000.6741.0005
M23 17-pin female connector with coupling nut and single ended cable 5m, PVC, IP67, straight

KUKJE Vietnam

Model: BR-200
Hot plate

Leuze Vietnam

Code: MSI-TR1B-01
Safety Relay, Type 2, SIL1, 24VDC, 2 x NO OSSDs, 3x PNP switching outputs, Screw terminal connection, -30 ... 60 °C, IP40, EDM, RES, Periodic function test, "Error" signal output, "Safety ON" signal output, Contactor monitoring

Kofloc Vietnam

Code: 3660-1/4SWL-N2-10SCCM-20°C-0
Standard Mass Flow Controller

Kofloc Vietnam

Code: 3660-1/4SWL-N2-200SCCM-20°C-0
Standard Mass Flow Controller

Kofloc Vietnam

Code: 3660-1/4SWL-N2-500SCCM-20°C-0
Standard Mass Flow Controller


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